Refugees are nothing new on planet earth. All great political upheavals, as well as natural disasters, have driven “hordes” of human beings from one part of the world to another. Migration is the human method of renewal. To bring it … Read the rest

Je Suis Charlie and all that chatters on…

The terrorist attacks in Paris have unleashed the expected avalanche of comments. Should one add to the confusion or be silent? Or is silence fear, or apathy? So here is my addition to the “noise.” Once upon a time, one … Read the rest


So many inevitable opinions about the current phase of the hundred-year-war of Jews and Arabs in Israel-Palestine suggest a certain caution in adding one more rant to the pack. Nevertheless, here I go. Those who want my detailed view on … Read the rest

Back to the future – April 2014…

After using up available optimism on praising Ed Snowden, I found myself with not much extra optimism on world (“global”) affairs… Post “Arab spring” (what was that???) the ongoing catastrophes of the Middle East, Syria, Israel/Palestine, General “Sisi”, and now … Read the rest

Who’s Listening to Whom?

Finally good news! Those of us who have given up on our voice ever being heard in the great GoogleWeb have taken heart at the knowledge that we are at least being followed by the National Security Agency, GCHQ, and … Read the rest

THE CHINESE SMILE and other breaking news…

Rant of the Day:

BLOK 6: THE CHINESE SMILE, is now printed, and available on Amazon’s UK site (clicking on the cover images leads to each title’s site). The Blok Saga, 30 years in the writing, is now complete. Long, … Read the rest

BLOK SAGA BLUES: Blogging in the Blogfilled World:

Blogs exist, I am told, to relay the latest flotsam of the blogger’s thoughts, and I am not sure I have something new to say every day, let alone every hour upon the hour. My Blog is my books, and … Read the rest

New blog post here

Testing blog: The blog on the old site had me trying to catch up with the changing political map of the Middle East, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, the “Arab spring” and so forth. Events move too fast, but basic principles remain: … Read the rest

Our Motto:

“You are old Father William, the young man said,

And your hair has become very white,

And yet you incessantly stand on your head,

Do you think at your age it  is right?”


“In my youth, said the sage, … Read the rest

New website and blog now live

I have embarked on a project to republish the mainstay of my fiction work, all 6 volumes of THE BLOK SAGA,   which began with the “Trilogy” – THE THERAPY OF AVRAM BLOK, CITY OF BLOK and THE LAST TRUMP OF … Read the rest