Finally good news! Those of us who have given up on our voice ever being heard in the great GoogleWeb have taken heart at the knowledge that we are at least being followed by the National Security Agency, GCHQ, and presumably the KGB, Mossad, Chinese firewall, etc etc. Brave new world!

Those of us who grew up in countries where nobody expected a phone conversation to be private are now vindicated. Every voice counts! There is in the end no void out there, but immense collecting machines, sucking up everything, storing it not only in “clouds” but in actual storage facilities, giant servers, throbbing robots working away non-stop in far off deep down basements. Hurray! In the fullness of time, these vast collections, sustainable only by states or giant corporations, will, in the logical progress of cybernautics, be eventually (probably sooner rather than later) available to a 12 year old with a googlewatch, or a chip implanted in the right earlobe – just as only a generation ago, a computer that could calculate tomorrow’s weather had to be housed in a massive mainframe contained in a concrete-block building. So it goes. The great relief that we can all rely on is the eternal stupidity of Big Government, which unfortunately goes hand in hand with expanding capabilities to cause destruction on battlefields and mayhem in economic spheres.

This is in fact tragic, as the older one gets the more one becomes aware that the State can not only be a moronic destroyer but an enabler of social progress if it is “occupied” by democratically elected structures that answer to constructive ideas rather than nationalist-ethnic prejudice or/and corporate financial power. My old friend Akiva Orr, who died recently, championed a thing that he called “Autonarchy,” the idea that all laws and structures would be subject to votes on every proposition and subject, resulting in a true picture of people’s collective will. My problem with this was that it assumed a general goodwill on social matters, rather than a majority in some locality or country voting to expel a minority of some other ethnic origin, colour, religion, etc, or to attack a neighbour, or commit some other act of lunacy out of desperation, social exclusion or any other prejudice. The world provides ample examples that confute the idea that “if only everybody thought like me everybody would be happy.” Obviously, not everybody thinks like me. In fact, most people don’t. The only thing that prevents them, in extremis, wiping me out, is a social structure of some kind, a “constitution”, a law. Which constitution, which law? Ah, there’s the rub!

What we remain with is the old saw: Knowledge is power. It’s not all that is power, but a good chunk of it. And knowledge is difficult, and time consuming. You have to read a lot of books, from Tolstoy to Freud, from Charles Dickens to Chomsky. You have the right to disagree. Some Marx Brothers films would also be useful, as long as you realise these are jokes… Unfortunately the grand corporate-state snooping agencies are not jokes – unless you can convert them into a joke – that is a useful skill. Go, Ed, go!

(By the way, I have had the comments box on this blog page removed because it generated thousands of robot spam emails, mainly sales stuff, but also rabid conspiracy theory garbage. Boy, those anti-Bilderberg fanatics are something!!! Contact page still exists for genuine callers.)